12.2 Gorgeous Dilute Calico



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Suki as a very promising little 8 week old kitten Suki now a very glamourous Champion


Suki is a gorgeous dilute calico bred from Champion USValentino and Gemkin Carousel. Her most stunning feature is her length and wealth of coat and her exquisite van patterned markings. She has the most beautiful head type, very pretty and appealing with a good bite. Now a Champion Suki is going to try and raise a family before pursuing her career further, hopefully she will pass on her attributes to her offspring. My grateful thanks to jenny for letting me have one of Val's charming babies.


Nyklani My Souls Desire (12.2)
Champion Gemkin USValentino (12a5) (NFBISK) Gemkin Carousel (12.2)
Champion Sharamka American Heritage (12a1w) Sharamka CandykissesUSA (12.1w) Sharamka GuessworkUSA (12a7) Gemkin Rosy Ribbons (12.2) (2 cc's)